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Tests & Certificates

Realise the value of periodic inspection

No electrical installation, no matter how carefully designed and erected, can be expected to last forever. Deterioration will take place due to age as well as due to normal wear and tear. With this in mind the Wiring Rules recommend that the installation should be inspected and tested periodically to ensure that the installation still complies with the rules.

Certification & Reporting
The National Wiring Rules require the recording of inspection and testing which has been carried out in accordance with established standards. The information to be recorded includes: a description of the installation; circuit details including type and ratings of protective devices; and test results.

Maintaining accurate Test Record Sheets as evidence of inspection and testing of a new installation or an extension is an essential and most important component of any electrical contract whether minor or major.

To neglect holding such records is a serious breach of the wiring rules and in addition would leave the electrical contractor open to being held responsible for work or additions done by others subsequent to the verification of his contracted work.

The consequences of electrical system failure — and the costs associated — are often not taken into account on the impact of the business until it is too late. Our qualified team can review your installation should you need service and make recommendations to ensure safety.

The time interval between inspections will depend on the type of installation and the way in which it is used. This table shows suggested intervals between periodic inspections, as specified by the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI):

Installation type
Max period between inspections
Domestic Premises
5-10 Years
Commercial Premises
5 Years
Educational Establishments
5 Years
5 Years
Industrial Premises
3 Years
Places of Public Entertainment
1 Year
Agriculture & Horticulture
3 Years
Emergency Lighting
3 Years
Fire Alarm Systems
1 Year
Temporary Installations
3 Months

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